Homeless Veteran Dies With No Claim To His Body - But What Happens Nex

Homeless Veteran Dies With No Claim To His Body - But What Happens Next Will Bring You To Tears!

March 30, 2016

Homeless Veteran Dies With No Claim To His Body - But What Happens Next Will Bring You To Tears!

“To me, it’s tragic when you have someone who served his country and dies and has nothing and no one. It’s tragic, but it happens,” David Wilson – Safe Haven’s regional program director - said, adding that it has happened two or three times in the Fort Wayne area in the past two years. 

It is a sad day when we lose one of our own, it is even more tragic when a hero dies alone and without anyone to claim his body. But as brothers in arms, that bond transcends all, and those brothers will step in to give a hero a proper burial. 

A U.S. Army veteran died homeless in Fort Wayne, will be given a military funeral with the aid of several area veterans’ groups. John Pawlowski died at the age of 69 on March 5 at Parkview Hospital from symptoms of septic shock, a full-body infection that causes organ shut down. 

Pawlowski was verified as a military veteran through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, but much of his life is a mystery. No family members stepped forward to claim his body. 

Nonetheless, all veterans deserve a proper burial, and contacts made through the Dignity Memorial Homeless Veterans Burial program at Fort Wayne’s Klaehn, Fahl, and Melton funeral home have organized a service in his honor.

Organizations include the Indiana Patriot Guard Riders and American Freedom Riders motorcycle groups; members of American Legion Post 241; a group of Army members in active service; and representatives of Fort Wayne’s Safe Haven home for veterans struggling with addiction. 

Salute your local veterans today! You never know who they have, or don’t have, in their life. 

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