Are U.S. Military Killer Robots The Future Of Warfare? Read It HERE!

Are U.S. Military Killer Robots The Future Of Warfare? Read It HERE!

March 31, 2016

Are U.S. Military Killer Robots The Future Of Warfare? Read It HERE!

With the growing technology these days, it is a wonder why our military has not yet implemented this technology overseas…but that are experimenting with it at least! 

Robotic systems have been playing an increasingly larger role in the US military, but nothing of the caliber of, say, Terminator-style droids. Not yet at least.

The Pentagon hasn’t yet begun planning to build devices that can kill without human input, but Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Work hinted that might change if enemies with fewer qualms begin the create such machines. 

"We might be going up against a competitor that is more willing to delegate authority to machines than we are, and as that competition unfolds we will have to make decisions on how we best can compete," he said. 

Work helps keep the Pentagon and our military on the cutting edge of technology, and their latest innovation that might be coming out soon is a semi-autonomous and unmanned F-16 warplane to fly alongside a manned F-35 jet. 

"It is going to happen," Work said of this and other unmanned systems. 

"I would expect to see unmanned wingmen in the air first, I would expect to see unmanned systems undersea all over the place, I would expect to see unmanned systems on the surface of the sea," Work told an audience at a discussion in the capital hosted by The Washington Post. 

What else can we expect to see? Firms like Google are currently developing driverless convoys, but Work said it could longer for something like that to come to fruition due to the challenges of navigating off-road. Micro drone is said to have a $71.4 billion proposed budget in research and development funds. The drones could be made by 3D printers, fly through heavy winds, and be launched from the back of a fighter jet moving at Mach 0.9. 

More to come in a world of technical innovations, and technological warfare. 

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