THANK YOU: His Story Went Viral For Cleaning Our Heroes Graves (WATCH

THANK YOU: His Story Went Viral For Cleaning Our Heroes Graves (WATCH HERE)

April 03, 2016

THANK YOU: His Story Went Viral For Cleaning Our Heroes Graves (WATCH HERE)

The story of Andrew Lumish's selfless and up until now anonymous service to veterans struck a chord. More than 8 million people around the world  have viewed the story on Facebook and on in just two days.

"I've gotten phone calls and messages from people I haven't seen since kindergarten.  I've been on three radio shows across the country already this morning" said Lumish reeling from the reaction.

Among the more than 10,000 comments on Facebook,  Lumish is called a blessing, an inspiration, even a hero for his work cleaning old and often forgotten grave stones of veterans and their families at Cemeteries around the Tampa Bay Area.

Lumish is excited that so many people wanted to know how they can safely and responsibly perform the same act of kindness in their own communities.

Lumish recommends environmentally safe, Ph neutral products like D/2 and Purple Magic.  He never uses bleach, ammonia,  a pressure washer or wire brushes.

"Think about a toothbrush: soft, medium and hard.  You want a nylon brush which will have a soft to medium touch to it" says Lumish.  He encourages people to work with and get advice and permission from your local cemetery.

Lumish hopes the practice of cleaning and preserving the graves of our heroes will go as viral as his story. - ABC


Healing Heroes Network (HHN) has been providing financial assistance to our veterans since 2008. As a non-profit organization, HHN's primary focus is to provide the means for wounded warriors to get the treatment and therapies they deserve and need.

Along with sweepstakes advertised at Hero Giveaway, HHN solely relies on the graciousness of their followers on Facebook through donations, merchandise, and entries to HG's giveaways.

Thanks for your continued support for our troops. For more information, and to donate to the cause, click the link below!

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ralph fisher
ralph fisher

April 04, 2016

God bless you always,keep up the good work ? may the angels watch over you everywhere and every day.

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