Military Couple Wins The Gift Of A Lifetime! Watch The VIDEOS Here!

Military Couple Wins The Gift Of A Lifetime! Watch The VIDEOS Here!

April 04, 2016

Military Couple Wins The Gift Of A Lifetime! Watch The VIDEOS Here!

"At first, we weren't going to do it, and then on the last possible day, we decided to put the story together," Staff Sgt. Christopher St. Onge said.

"Everything is taken care of for us," Samantha Dilberian said. "It's been so stress-free."

"That morning when Ralph and all of their team knocked on our door, we couldn't believe it. We're just so happy and thankful," Dilberian said. "There were so many emotions that day."

Opening your door to a cardboard check worth $30,000 for your dream wedding is something most people, well, only dream about! But for this amazing couple, their dream was made a reality, thanks to Old McMicky’s Farm’s “Mission I Do” Dream Wedding Giveaway. This is their third annual giveaway, and this year’s winners were Samantha Dilberain, and Staff Sgt. Christopher St. Onge.


"It's just important to us for everybody to know just how thankful we are for Ralph and all of the vendors who are involved," said Samantha Dilberian. "I don't know what we would have done if we didn't win."

Their relationship began in 2010, as Dilberain’s brother, Bryan, was stationed with St. Onge at Fort Drum in New York. St. Onge sent Dilberain a friend request after Bryan showed him a picture of her. While deployed in 2011 together in Afghanistan, their squad was hit by an IED, leaving Bryan severely wounded, losing both legs and an arm.

As the doctors treated Bryan, St. Onge reached out to Samantha regularly to check up on Bryan’s progress, thus their slow relationship began. Once Bryan was healed and returned to Fort Drum, Samantha came with him. The couple began dating shortly after that, making regular six-hour trips just to spend time together.

But in 2012, St. Onge received orders to move to Tampa, and he asked Samantha to come with him. After three years of dating, St. Onge popped the big question on their anniversary. Surprisingly, the couple almost didn’t enter the contest!

Wedding planner Blue Skies Events will be coordinating all aspects of the wedding, including catering, photography, flowers, cake, and a honeymoon getaway.

"This wedding gift is in appreciation of the service and sacrifice of those who currently serve or have served in our military," Ralph Zuckerman, owner of the farm, said.


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William Bowie
William Bowie

April 04, 2016

I think this is great. Too bad they probably won’t help with IVF treatments. Since I’ve been in the army for 9 years, my wife and I have been trying to conceive. But she has PCOS. So conceiving the natural way is out of he question.

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