HORRIBLE: This Navy Veteran's Life Changed Forever When He Was Hit By A Drunk Driver!

April 04, 2016

HORRIBLE: This Navy Veteran's Life Changed Forever When He Was Hit By A Drunk Driver!

Clancy O'Connor is still getting used to a very different lifestyle since he was hit by an intoxicated driver on November 19, 2015.

O'Connor was riding his motorcycle home from his job at a Bremerton shipyard when he was struck from behind.

"I just remember the hard hard hit," O'Connor said. "I don't remember anything else for a long time after that."

O'Connor suffered several injuries, the worst of which were the loss of his right leg and his eyesight.

O'Connor spent weeks in the hospital. Now he lives in an assisted living facility in Port Orchard.

"It's been hard," his wife, Mary O'Connor said. "I'm so thankful he's still here with us."

O'Connor says his family has only grown closer since the crash. He has four grandchildren who visit him daily.

The 58-year-old Navy Veteran is hopeful, with a prosthetic leg, he'll be able to walk again someday. He also plans to move back home when they complete renovations to make his house more accessible.

"Sometimes things get emotional for me," O'Connor said. "When I open my eyes, everything is black. As you can imagine it doesn't take long to pick a sad point from what here."

But O'Connor says he's grateful, more than anything, for having survived such a terrible crash. He tries not to dwell on the bad things. In fact, he says he's gained a new perspective on life.

The driver that hit O'Connor was sentenced to 96 months in prison for vehicular assault with exceptional injuries.

O'Connor believes the 96 month sentence was justice enough. He said he may never forgive her, but he hopes she gets help.

Now his favorite thing to do is sit with his family. He likes to listen to his granddaughters, amazed by what he hears.

"It's things like that," he said. "You hear a giggle. You hear them do a belly laugh. It's amazing."

"I love it. It's what I have now."

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