U.S. Military Strikes Against al-Shabab Leader In Somalia - Read It HERE!

April 05, 2016

U.S. Military Strikes Against al-Shabab Leader In Somalia - Read It HERE!

The U.S. has set their sights on Somalia, and carried out a drone strike this past Thursday against a senior member of the al-Shabab militant group who has overseen attacks resulting in the deaths of at least three U.S. citizens. 

Pentagon Press Secretary, Peter Cook, commented that Hassan Ali Dhoore was the al-Shabab target, and he is also a member of al-Qaeda. Dhoore was a part of al-Shabab’s security and intelligence section and played a role in plotting future attacks against Americans in Mogadishu.

“While we are still assessing the results of this operation, removing Dhoore from the battlefield would be a significant blow to al-Shabab’s operational planning and ability to conduct attacks against the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia, its citizens, U.S. partners in the region, and against Americans abroad,” Cook’s statement said. 

In other words, the United States doesn’t stall; they take action to prevent further death of our heroes and our citizens overseas. 

An anonymous defense official said the U.S. military has been “watching him off and on for a long time,” and that the Somali government was involved in sharing information that led to the strike. 

The last attack Dhoore was involved in was March 2015, on a hotel in Mogadishu that killed at least 18 people, including Somalia’s ambassador to Switzerland, Yusuf Baribari. At least 28 more people were reported wounded. 

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