AWFUL: This Army Vet Was Kicked Off Her Flight Because Of Her Emotional Support Dog!

April 07, 2016

AWFUL: This Army Vet Was Kicked Off Her Flight Because Of Her Emotional Support Dog!

For U.S. Army veteran Janae Fowler, her emotional support dog is a comforting presence at all times.

“He relaxes me. He makes me smile. He calms me down. He makes me feel everything’s going to be OK,” Fowler said.

Last week, Fowler and her boyfriend were flying to Colorado to visit some of her friends from the Army.

While there were no issues getting to Denver, Fowler says a flight attendant wouldn’t allow her dog on the plane back home.

“Basically, she said, ‘Oh hell no.’ I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ She said, ‘Is that a pit bull?’ And I said, ‘Yes, ma’am, it’s a pit bull and a chocolate lab,” Fowler claims.

Another flight attendant also asked to see the dog’s paperwork.

“Now, she’s on the phone and she’s saying, ‘An emotional support animal isn’t a service animal. A service animal is for someone with real disabilities.’ And I felt insulted because there are veterans in the world that have disabilities you can’t see,” Fowler said.

Fowler says she was allowed to board another flight later in the day.

A spokesperson for Spirit Airlines says they are looking into the allegations, adding that a flight attendant can’t make a decision to kick someone off of a plane. That decision lies with the captain and there would need to be good reason for removal. -KFOR


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ESA Doctors
ESA Doctors

April 09, 2016

This is horrible. Breed discrimination is outdated and inane. Fight the good fight Janae!

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