Meet Snickle Fritz: The Afghan Dog That Is Changing The Life Of His Ve

Meet Snickle Fritz: The Afghan Dog That Is Changing The Life Of His Veteran Owner

April 13, 2016

Meet Snickle Fritz: The Afghan Dog That Is Changing The Life Of His Veteran Owner

It is extremely hard to bring animals home from Afghanistan, but Snickle Fritz, the three-year-old Afghan Kuchi did just that. 

Mashable just shared a story about the now beloved family dog that currently lives in Australia:

Snickle Fritz was found by Special Operations Marine, Eric Yarger, and a few other U.S. Marines, as a six-week-old puppy on top of a rubbish tip in Shindand. After Yarger took her under his wing, she travelled with him all the way from Afghanistan to the U.S. before settling down in the comfortable suburbs of Canberra, Australia.

As for the odd name, Snickle Fritz, that came from Yarger’s comrade. “It turned out two or three of the guys had been called that by their grandparents. It’s like calling people a ratbag,” Yarger’s Australian wife, Olympia, commented.

Snickle Fritz finally left Afghanistan in March 2013 with the assistance of a U.S. based charity, Puppy Rescue Mission, which aids with the rescuing, fostering and rehoming of pets – particularly those of soldiers serving in war zones. “We didn’t feel that pain because of Puppy Rescue Mission,” Olympia said. 

Getting Snickle Fritz out of Afghanistan wasn’t easy. She was located in a tricky part of the country, and Yarger had to find someone to take her all the way to the capital, Kabul. From there she was transported through the United Arab Emirates, then over to Washington D.C. 

Then she was able to join her forever family. 

While Snickle Fritz hasn’t been trained as a therapy dog, she has a real knack for making people feel better, especially when it came to Yarger, who lives with PTSD. 

“If he’s not having a great day for instance, she won’t get all up in his face, she’ll just get near you,” Olympia said. “She’ll either get under your legs, or put her head on your feet. It’s really purposeful.”

Snickle Fritz even has her own Facebook page, check out what she is up to and all the good times she is having with her loving family HERE! 

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