He Thought He Was Just Ordering Pizza, But What This Veteran Received

He Thought He Was Just Ordering Pizza, But What This Veteran Received Was SO Much More!

April 22, 2016

He Thought He Was Just Ordering Pizza, But What This Veteran Received Was SO Much More!

On Monday, he checked in to BAMC for treatment for nerve pain in his legs.

At dinner time, he called the Domino's Pizza at Fort Sam Houston.

A wounded veteran laying in a hospital bed ordered a pizza, but what he got was so much more.

Retired veteran Justin Lane, who lost both legs during a tour of Afghanistan, shared a story about a random act of kindness on Facebook and it quickly went viral.

It's a snapshot of him lying in a hospital bed with a Domino's Pizza box and a handmade card.

Employees at the Domino’s Pizza at Fort Sam Houston signed the card and delivered the order to the soldier's hospital bed at Brooke Army Medical Center.

Those who work with wounded soldiers every day say this gesture is just a small facet of the countless random acts of kindness by the San Antonio community.

Justin Lane's life changed forever back in 2011 when a 200-pound IED ripped through his truck.

"When it penetrated my truck, it actually took off both my legs," said Lane, also known as J.P. "It snapped my pelvis in half and my spine dislocated from my pelvis. It snapped my right arm in half, my middle finger was cut off, my four front teeth were knocked out and everything inside my torso was destroyed by schrapnel instead of my heart and my left lung."

"The lady was like, 'Where are we delivering it to?' and I told her BAMC hospital," Lane recalled. "She was like, 'You're in the hospital? Why are you in the hospital?'"

The pizza crew threw in a bit extra that went a long way for the veteran. They added some dessert and a get well card signed by every member of the Domino's team at Fort Sam Houston.

"They drew a pizza on it. It says 'From: Dominos, To: Lane'," the veteran said.

"'Dear Lane, thank you for your service. Here is a small gift to show our appreciation. Get well soon!!!! Team Dominos, Fort Sam Houston.'"

During his recovery at BAMC, the 27-year-old veteran would visit the Warrior and Family Support Center. They help the wounded, ill and injured.

"12 years I've been doing this, and every day I see evidence of random acts of kindness by the people of San Antonio, Texas. It is absolutely amazing,” said Judith Markelz, Director of the Warrior and Family Support Center. “This could not be done anywhere else but here.”

Many gifts left for the soldiers are anonymous. It's simply done out of love.

"The people that make up this city support the military 150%," Markelz said. "Because of that, they'll give almost anything to make sure that the young men and women and their families who have made these sacrifices are taken care of."

Tickets are left on Markelz's desk on a daily basis to be distributed to the soldiers.

"Many of them never saw a football game, basketball game, anything in their lives," Markelz said. "They come here and they're overwhelmed. I've had soldiers leave a Spurs game in tears because they were so eternally grateful for the way people treated them there."

Through his recovery, Lane found his true passion: Music. His band, "J.P. Lane and The A-Team" perform at The Grill at Leon Springs every Thursday night from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Lane says these random acts of kindness have an indescribable impact in the lives of our active and former military. An impact so big, it could save lives.

"There are 22 veterans or soldiers that commit suicide every single day," Lane said. "You don't know what that handshake, that 'Thank you for your service,' that one minute of your time, could have done for that one soldier."

The wounded warrior, or "warrior", as he prefers, is a motivational speaker at schools and on military bases. He hopes to inspire other veterans to pursue their passions after serving their country.

"I was wounded when I was blown up, but I healed from that. So now I'm just a warrior," Lane said. "I'm just a veteran. I'm no longer wounded." - KENS 5

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