Active Heroes Replaces Trailer For Army Veteran's Son After Theft!

Active Heroes Replaces Trailer For Army Veteran's Son After Theft!

September 19, 2016

Active Heroes Replaces Trailer For Army Veteran's Son After Theft!

An organization known as Active Heroes has vowed to help out an Army veteran and his family after thieves stole his 5-year-old son's wheelchair and trailer.

Army veteran, Derek Logsdon, was absolutely shocked after he found out that his son's wheelchair and trailer had been stolen.

His son, Derek Logsdon, was born with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a disorder that directly affects the brain and inhibits movement and muscle coordination.

Derek admits that his son's power wheelchair was truly helping him become more independent in his daily tasks.

"He can control everything, he can go forward and backwards and elevate himself if he needs to," said Logsdon.  "It's a large piece of equipment that doesn't just fit in the back of a vehicle unless you have a lift, it's very heavy."

In order to transport his son's power wheelchair around town, Derek had also purchased a trailer. It was only a week after he had purchased the trailer that he and his family awoke on a Sunday morning to find that the trailer had gone missing.

"Woke up at like 8:30 on Sunday morning to go start hooking everything up and getting it ready to leave, and it was gone," he said.

Logsdon quickly notified the police.

It was that same morning that the family was informed that an abandoned wheelchair had been found only 5 miles from the family's residence.

"She told me there have been several motorcycles stolen in Louisville over the past couple weeks and because it was inside of a motorcycle trailer, that's probably what they thought they were getting, so they were in for a big surprise whenever they did get it open," said Logsdon.

Levi's power wheelchair was returned to the family undamaged. However the trailer was still missing.

"I probably need it just as bad, if not worse than they did, so I hope it was worth whatever they got out of it."

After hearing about the family's unfortunate occurrence, Active Heroes was more than happy to step in!

It was this past Tuesday that the organization donated a brand new trailer to the family.

After everything they've been through, the family was absolutely overjoyed to receive their donation.

"It's nice to know people do look out for you sometimes and that there always is people that are there to help you," said Logsdon.

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