Army Veteran Donates Puppy To Family Whose Therapy Dogs Were Killed

Army Veteran Donates Puppy To Family Whose Therapy Dogs Were Killed

September 08, 2016

Army Veteran Donates Puppy To Family Whose Therapy Dogs Were Killed

An incredibly generous Army veteran donated a puppy to the Florida veteran family whose dogs were shot and killed by a neighbor Sunday. When veteran Jonathan Lopez heard how the family's two therapy dogs were killed he was horrified. He knew the family must have been devastated by this loss and he knew he had to do something to help!

Days later Lopez was at Antonio and Yamilla Frederick's house with a happy husky-wolf mix puppy in hand. Lopez had never before met the family but had no problem extending a hand during this difficult time for the veteran family.

Buffy was the family's German Shepherd therapy dog and Thor was a pit-bull mix therapy dog. Both dogs provided emotional support to Antonio who deals with PTSD after serving in the Marines and his wife Yamilla who was a cancer survivor.

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“He’s a marine; we’re family,” Lopez said, shaking the hand of Antonio

The entire family was completely overjoyed by Lopez's visit and of course the adorable new puppy.

“Ooh Rah,” Antonio responded. “Today is a new chapter, new beginning.”

“I understand first-hand what a dog represents,” Lopez said.

The family has since named the new addition to their family, Alpha.

For those that haven't heard the horrifying story, it was Sunday morning, when the family awoke to gunshots. When they rushed outside they found their two beloved dogs severely wounded by gunshot wounds.

The family quickly called the police.

Once on the scene, the police arrested the family's neighbor, Jose Rocha. Rocha was arrested on charges for animal cruelty.

Police announced that the incident began when the Fredericks' pit bull mix, Thor entered Rocha's property through a whole in a wooden fence. As soon as Rocha saw the dog he rushed in his house and ran outside after retrieving his Colt 45 semi-automatic firearm.

Rocha then proceeded to firing four shots into the pitbull. The pitbull died shortly after.

Rocha's rampage wasn't over.

He then began shooting at the German Shepherd, Buffy. When Rocha shot the German Shepherd, the dog was on the opposite side of the fence, still in the Fredricks' yard. The German Shepherd died shortly after the pit bull.

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