Army Veteran Saves Bald Eagle Stuck In Tree

Army Veteran Saves Bald Eagle Stuck In Tree

July 05, 2016

Army Veteran Saves Bald Eagle Stuck In Tree

Jason Galvin is a U.S. army veteran who found himself in a very interesting predicament last Thursday. He had left the house to run a few errands when he spotted something odd dangling from a tree. Upon further inspection Galvin saw that is was an actual bald eagle hanging upside down!

The bird had got its talon stuck in some rope that was looped on the tree and couldn't spring free.

Alarmed and scared for the bird, Galvin and his wife immediately called their local fire department as well as wildlife facilities in order to get the bird help as soon as possible.

 Many of the organizations that Galvin and his wife contacted admitted that where the bird was located was out of their jurisdiction and simply retrieving the bird would greatly compromise their safety. Even though the bird had been stuck for a whole two days, and multiple calls had been made, there was simply nothing they could do.

After hearing this, Galvin decided to take matters into his own hands.

He first obtained permission from government authorities to shoot at the four inches of rope that was holding on to the eagle.

Using a .22 long rifle Galvin began expertly shooting directly at the rope.

After about 150 expert shots and a few hours, the rope finally broke freeing the eagle at last!

The week bird fell amongst some branches and was immediately taken in for medical treatment at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. The bald eagle is expected to make a full recovery!

Galvin was extremely nervous about shooting directly at the eagle but admits,

"At a certain point I was like, 'You know what? It's going to die. I've got to get that thing out!"


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william stone
william stone

July 06, 2016

Good show great job!

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