Baby 'Salutes' Marine Dad in Adorable Sonogram Photo!

Baby 'Salutes' Marine Dad in Adorable Sonogram Photo!

September 16, 2016

Baby 'Salutes' Marine Dad in Adorable Sonogram Photo!

Meghan Merriott is a mother to be and is currently 12 weeks along in her pregnancy. When she attended a routine doctor's appointment, she saw something amazing in her child's latest ultrasound. In the ultrasound it appears that the baby is donning a patriotic salute!

"The baby was being very stubborn and did not want to wake up for the doctor to get the pictures that she needed," Merriott told the news channel. "So baby threw their hand up there! It almost made me cry— I thought it was the sweetest thing."

The baby's father is Robert Cooper Jr., who is currently a Marine.

Merriott and Cooper alonf with their adorable 3 year old son are more than excited to meet their patriotic addition to the family.

"I almost cried," Merriott also shared.

"I thought it was sweet."

Even Merriott's obstetrician, Dr. Daniel Eikleberry and his nurses were touched by Merriott's sonogram.

"We thought it was pretty crazy at first," she said. "The doctors, nurses, my son was there...he looked up at the screen and started laughing."

"I really enjoyed getting to see the little guy/girl and look forward to meeting him/her," Cooper said. "I'm sure it's going to be a handful."

Merriott shared the photo with family members as well as the world wide web after posting it on social media. She says that the baby's paternal grandmother is planning on framing and hanging the now viral photo of "the salute" in a very special place in honor of the baby's father and grandfather who also served in the army.

The overjoyed couple will be able to find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl on September 24, 2016.

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