Bikers Gather To Support And Pray For Police Officers

Bikers Gather To Support And Pray For Police Officers

July 12, 2016

Bikers Gather To Support And Pray For Police Officers

A local biker organization recently gathered in order to express their support of local law enforcement. This gathering sprung together largely due to the troublesome incidents that have swept over our country in the last few days. Due to the police involved shootings that have occurred in Bristol, Tennessee as well as across the nation, the Covenant Bikers for Christ came together and prayed with local police officers this past Sunday.

Members from the Covenant Bikers for Christ group shared that they wanted to show their support and appreciation for everything that the police officers do.

The local tri-cities community also played a part in the event in order to show support and offer prayers to their local law enforcement.

The Covenant Bikers for Christ is a motorcycle ministry that belongs to the Covenant Fellowship Church which is located in Bristol, Virginia.

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Brad Farmer is the group's leader and shared,

"We're just here to unite people and bring people together in love and prayer...Right now we just need this country to be swept with love-because if we love our neighbors these shootings wouldn't be taking place".

In the past week there was a shooting in Bristol, Tenn., which resulted in one death and four seriously injured which included a police officer.

The bikers and police officers were linked by their arms and some were even holding hands as they continued to pray.

Chris Whiteaker is a police sergeant in Virginia that was present. Whiteaker shared with reporters that police officers certainly do have a scary job but he is more than proud to be able to serve his community.

Following the event Whiteaker shared,

"I don't know that there's a better gift that they could give us than the gift of prayer. So we're really glad they're here and we're fortunate to have such nice people in the community that we have".

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July 13, 2016

We all need to come together as one I support law enforcement and bikers that come together

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