Blind Veteran Claims VA Won't Allow His Guide Dog Inside!

Blind Veteran Claims VA Won't Allow His Guide Dog Inside!

September 08, 2016

Blind Veteran Claims VA Won't Allow His Guide Dog Inside!

Army veteran Chuck Vaile lost his sight in the line of duty. Upon coming home he paired up with a furry friend who now served as his eyes. The blind veteran brings his guide dog with him everywhere he goes. However for the first time, Vaile and his guide dog ran into a bit of trouble recently.

Vaile was unable to attend a dental appoint because he was not allowed to bring his guide dog in with him. Since then Vaile has been fighting against the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System with no end in sight.

"I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen and something they scraped off the bottom of their shoe," said Vaile.

Vaile was scheduled to get a periodontal procedure done, which he had gotten months previous with no issue. However for whatever reason he was denied service because of his guide dog on his most recent visit.

Daniel Warvi is a spokesman for the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System. He recently publically claimed,

"For certain procedures, we do reserve the right to restrict access to service animals to certain areas of our hospital... In the case of oral surgery, it's just not appropriate to bring an animal into that procedure area." 

Warvi also claimed that Vaile's procedures were indeed different.

"They were slightly different procedures that involved a little bit less invasive procedures."

Vaile was forced to leave the clinic that day without getting his procedure done.

"I don't want to walk into the VA, get something done, then walk in the next time and be told I can't get it done because I have my dog with me," said Vaile. "I just want a consistent policy that makes sense."

Warvi also reported that the VA is currently offering to pay for Vaile to have treatment done outside of the VA in order to finally have the procedure done.

"We just want him to get the treatment he needs," said Warvi.

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