Choir Sings To Soldier Escorting Remains Of WWII Veteran

Choir Sings To Soldier Escorting Remains Of WWII Veteran

July 28, 2016

Choir Sings To Soldier Escorting Remains Of WWII Veteran

It was on a flight from Germany back home to the United States that a woman captured the heartwarming scene of a high school choir singing "Glory, glory hallelujah" as the remains of a WWII veteran were carried off the plane.

Diane Cupp, the woman who took the video of the choir singing and later posted it on Facebook, claimed that there was an Army private on the plane that was the individual who was escorting the remains of a WWII soldier back to his original home in Houston, Texas.

Cup shared with reporters that the pilot of the flight had announced to the passengers that the soldier would be exiting the plane first.

As the soldier got up to exit the plane, a large group of high school students who were part of a choir group from Iowa began to sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic to him. The group was on their way back home to Iowa after a group tour in Europe. The high school students were members of a group that had about 350 musicians in it that were returning home after their three week tour.

 "Listen how beautiful!!" Cupp wrote on her Facebook page. "Will bring a tear to your eye."

Cupp admitted that after witnessing this very special scene, that it was certainly the most touching and respectful thing she had ever witnessed from a group of a high school students.

“It melted my heart,” Ms. Cupp told a local ABC News affiliate. “I was so proud of them for doing that. It was so heartfelt.”

The video that Cupp had shot and later posted on Facebook has since gone viral.

The high school group that sang "Glory, glory hallelujah" in Cupp's one minute video. The video has been viewed more than 123,000 times.

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