Cops Pay the Tab For Couple Who Snubbed Them in Diner

Cops Pay the Tab For Couple Who Snubbed Them in Diner

July 13, 2016

Cops Pay the Tab For Couple Who Snubbed Them in Diner

A couple walked into a diner in Homestead, Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and saw a table of police officers across the room.  As the server sat the couple near the group of police the man told the server that he did not want to be sat next to them.   “I looked over and said, ‘It’s okay sir. You won’t have to worry about it, we won’t hurt you,” Homestead police Officer Chuck Thomassaid. “He looked at me hard again and said he’s not sitting here and walked away.”

The strain in relations between civilians and police officers has been increasingly problematic across the country as episodes of police violence caught on cell phone video has increased dramatically. Tensions between the African American community and the police has significantly elevated in the wake of recent shootings both against civilians and more recently against the police officers in Dallas.


In an effort to bring calm to the couple and reassure them that the relationship between police and civilians should be one of respect and support, the police dining at the Eat-N-Park Diner decided to pick up the tab for the disturbed couple. The officers paid the $28.52 bill and left a good tip on top of that.  But, that’s not all they left.  They scribbled a note on the receipt, which has since gone viral, which read, “”Sir, your check was paid for by the police officers you didn’t want to sit next to. Thank you for your support.” As the police exited, one from the party who had not wished to be seated next to the officers, smiled at them and thanked them.

“Essentially the whole goal of it was to let him know that we’re not here to hurt you,” Thomassaid. “We’re here for you. We work for the public. And we just want to better the relationship between the community and the police.”

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