Delta Flight From Atlanta Goes Silent To Honor Fallen Veteran Returnin

Delta Flight From Atlanta Goes Silent To Honor Fallen Veteran Returning Home

September 15, 2016

Delta Flight From Atlanta Goes Silent To Honor Fallen Veteran Returning Home

Ruth Malhotra was aboard a packed Delta flight on her way home from Atlanta when she saw something she will never forget.

As the plane hit the tarmac in Detroit early in the morning on September 6th, the pilot made a special announcement.

"We have the honor of bringing a fallen soldier home," he said.

He then went on to explain that once they landed an Honor Guard ceremony would begin.

The fallen soldier was Curtis J. Wells.

Wells was 19 when he was reported Missing In Action while serving in the Korean War in the 1950's. The Pentagon had publically confirmed that his remains were found in Korea. After years of heartbreak, he is finally returning home to his family to be buried with full military honors.

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"When the plane touched down, a somber applause erupted from passengers," Malhotra said.

As the entire plane witnessed the ceremony the pilot announced,

"Curtis J. Wells made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in the Korean War".

"Sixty four years later, he is coming home."

"Witnessing such respect for a fallen hero and unity around the American flag on an airplane full of diverse people -- all coming and going in different directions, yet caught together in a moment of history -- is something I will never forget," Malhotra said.

In our country's current state of divide in light of the upcoming elections as well as the ongoing protests against standing for the National Anthem, Malhotra explained that this unifying experience was truly touching.

"Thank you PFC Wells, for making the ultimate sacrifice," Malhotra said. "Thank you, Delta, for honoring our military and especially our fallen heroes in this way. And thank you, fellow passengers of Flight 629, for the respect and unity you displayed today."

It is an experience she will not soon forget.

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September 17, 2016

It has been a good while but finally PFC Wells has found his way home. Thank you to the Delta pilot for his touching words of recognition. Like was mentioned in the report, it was equally touching that the whole plane applauded out of respect for the fallen soldier. It is refreshing in the country’s current climate that people still remember and recognize what respect and dignity is.

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