Disabled Veteran Beaten & Robbed - Racial Slurs Scratched Into Car

Disabled Veteran Beaten & Robbed - Racial Slurs Scratched Into Car

June 29, 2016

Disabled Veteran Beaten & Robbed - Racial Slurs Scratched Into Car

Cristina Alfonso-Zea is a disabled army veteran who started a non-profit called BlissfulVets.org that aims to educate and help veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Unfortunately Alfonso-Zea was viciously attacked in the parking lot outside of her home last Saturday.

Alfonso-Zea reported to police that she was coming home from an event and retrieving items from inside her car when she was approached from behind by four large men. She was brutally hit in the back of the head several times before she was knocked unconscious.

The men made off with her cell phone, wallet, and a few other personal belongings.

They also slashed one of her tires before they took off.


Alfonso-Zea admits that she desperately tried giving them everything in her pockets immediately so they would leave her alone.

When Alfonso-Zea awoke again she was bleeding profusely from the back of her head.

It was then that she noticed the horrifying profanity and racial slurs carved into all four doors of her car.

Without a phone, and no one around to help her, Alfonso-Zea was forced to drive her car (even with the slashed tire) to the nearest public store to report the crime and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Rightly so, Alfonso-Zea is extremely alarmed by the attack, and no longer feels safe in her own home. She is desperately trying to look for new housing since the attack occurred but simply doesn't have the funds.

Other Military veterans that are close to Alfonso-Zea have set up a Go Fund Me page in order to help her recover the cost of her slashed tire, car repairs, wallet, cell phone, and hopefully help fund new lodging that she feels safe in.

Local police are also asking anyone with information about the attack to call Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555.

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