Disabled Veteran's Car Stolen & Burned

Disabled Veteran's Car Stolen & Burned

July 22, 2016

Disabled Veteran's Car Stolen & Burned

Retired paratrooper from the 82nd Airborne Division, Joseph Vitrano of Lakeland, Fl, just had his car stolen for apparently no other reason but to set it on fire and destroy the disabled veteran’s transportation.

The car displayed two disabled veterans license plates and was used primarily to shuttle Joseph to and from his doctor visits.    “It’s really tough. You can imagine without a vehicle I have appointments that I have to keep.”  He explained.  “It was done to cause pain and suffering,” Vitrano continues.  Vitrano believes he was targeted because he is a disabled veteran.  “There was no reason for it. Absolutely no reason for this to happen,” he said.   

Luckily, Joseph installed a security system and was able to capture a still photo of the thief.  Police are searching for the suspect. 

Unfortunately, Joseph’s story is not an isolated one.  Michael Tristano, a WWII veteran was beaten by his caregiver with an oxygen tank in May of this year. Derek Queener, a Marine veteran, was riding home on his bike in Clearwater, Fl when he was attacked by a passenger in a SUV and punched so hard he felt a”bright flash and everything went dark in his left eye.” 

Nick Dee, a combat veteran, was beat up by a gang of teens when he stopped to try to help a woman who was being bothered by them  

Cristina Alfonso-Zea, a disabled army veteran, was viciously attacked in a parking lot outside of her home in June.  The assailants stole her cell phone, money, slashed her tires and bashed her in the head, all while calling her racial slurs.  

Christopher Marquez, a decorated Marine veteran, was attacked outside of a McDonald’s by a group of teens who first verbally asked forcefully, “do you believe black lives matter?” When Marquez did not respond, hoping to avoid conflict, he was beaten and robbed.  

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Arnold Weingart
Arnold Weingart

July 23, 2016

His my suggestion, when the cops find out who did this (Hope they do), make those responsible for this STUPID crime buy this solder a new vehicle. And if they are kids.. make the parent pay! Enough of this disrespect!

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