Family Horrified When They Find Veteran's Grave Washed Away

Family Horrified When They Find Veteran's Grave Washed Away

September 13, 2016

Family Horrified When They Find Veteran's Grave Washed Away


When Tom Moore's family went to visit his gravesite last Saturday they were absolutely horrified by what they found. A small rain storm from the previous night had completely unearthed the gravesite. About a foot of mud and dirt was gone. His coffin was more than halfway out of the ground and almost completely visible.

The deceased veteran's wife, Whendy Moore, could hardly stand the sight.

"We thought we’d see mud, you know we knew it had rained the night before" said Moore.  "But to see the casket and the vault floating on water in this little spot- it was well shown- and we assumed the casket was wet too.  We just didn’t know".

The family had buried the veteran at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery only the day before the storm hit.

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Officials at the cemetery sadly informed the family that the rain had caused the newly loose ground around the grave to be washed away which is what caused the casket to become unearthed.

"We thought we had closure the other day and then we viewed him again" said Moore.  "It was a little eerie I suppose and it was very emotional.  We went through all the same emotions that we did the last time we seen him" she said.

The cemetery officials have been working very close with the family in order to schedule another burial on a different plot. However another burial is the last thing the family wants to deal with.

"I don’t think that anyone should have to go through that twice" Moore said.  "We all said it was nice to see him one last time but it shouldn’t have ever happened" she said.

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