Fugitive Who Posed As Marine And Robbed Veteran Arrested!

Fugitive Who Posed As Marine And Robbed Veteran Arrested!

July 13, 2016

Fugitive Who Posed As Marine And Robbed Veteran Arrested!

The criminal that military veteran Kurt Harris accused of stealing his car, marine uniforms, laptops, medals, and his very identity has finally been found and brought into police custody on Sunday night.

The accused is known as none other than John Michael Manning. Manning is currently 28-years-old and was arrested in Missoula, Montana. Manning was arrested a week after Harris had last seen Manning, along with his string of stolen belongings.

Harris admits that he was conned by Manning.

Harris had met Manning at a local gym in Salt Lake City. They quickly became friends as Manning told Harris that he was also a marine veteran. Shortly after their friendship began, Manning asked Harris for help as he needed a place to stay.

Harris was eager to help a fellow marine and offered that Manning could stay at his house for a few nights.

During this time Harris went on a business trip and when he returned he quickly discovered that Manning and all of his prized belongings were gone.

Harris contacted the police at once and quickly found out that Manning wasn’t a marine after all.

“He talked like a marine, he acted like a marine. There was another marine that worked there as well as a personal trainer, he was completely fooled. He was a really convincing guy. I did ten years and I had no reason not to believe he wasn’t a marine”.

Desperate to get his prized military belongings back, Harris created a Facebook post to bring attention to Manning and his crimes.

Harris’s Facebook post was shared more than 3,500 times.

This amount of attention encouraged a considerable amount of news media coverage which eventually led to Manning’s recognition and capture.

Harris received a phone call on Sunday night that his car had been found in Missoula, Montana.

He then received another call that informed him that Manning had finally been caught!

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nancy mulica
nancy mulica

July 13, 2016

this is terrific news!!! there are scammers around every corner having jsut crawed out from under the nearest rock with the rest of the roaches….good job us facebook peopel were giventhe chance to help….

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