GetGo Employee Fired After Confrontation with Double Amputee Veteran

GetGo Employee Fired After Confrontation with Double Amputee Veteran

July 26, 2016

GetGo Employee Fired After Confrontation with Double Amputee Veteran

It has been reported that a GetGo employee has been fired after a horrific confrontation that the employee sparked with a double amputee veteran who had parked in a handicap spot.

Marine veteran Brandon Rumbaugh said that it was a typical Sunday afternoon when he and his girlfriend made a quick stop at their local GetGo.

“I pulled into the handicap spot, like I do all the time, and she gets out and goes in the store, and I was going to come in after her,” Rumbaugh said.

It was in 2009, that Rumbaugh lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. Rumbaugh was desperately trying to rescue a fellow marine who had been critically injured when he stepped on an improvised explosive device.


When Rumbaugh witnessed one of the employees heavily questioning his girlfriend he quickly went in after her.

“I asked him, ‘What gives you the right to confront her? She had nothing to do with it. Come outside and confront me if you're that concerned about it,’” Rumbaugh said.

A different GetGo employee then immediately involved.

Rumbaugh said the employee asked, “Why are you so upset? I'm not the reason you lost your legs. I didn't shoot them off.”

Rumbaugh was shocked after hearing this statement and asked the employee to repeat what she had just stated.

“She actually repeated it,” Rumbaugh said.

When a reporter spoke with the employee over this harsh statement, the employee did not deny making the statement to Rumbaugh.

“You can review video and audio. I don’t think I said anything out of line for what was happening. I didn't threaten her, call her names,” Rumbaugh said.

The company has since publicly confronted the situation with the following statement:


“At Giant Eagle, Inc., having respect for others is essential to how we serve our communities, and is a belief we insist each Team Member hold in the highest regard. The recent comments made by a former Elizabeth GetGo Team Member were completely inappropriate and entirely unacceptable, resulting in the Team Member's termination.”

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3 Responses

Another Mom
Another Mom

October 05, 2016

Many times, my husband will park, then I go to get him a chair from the store. I take it out to him, so he can get out of car, into the wheel chair cart, and come into the store. It’s wrong for an employee to smart off to a customer, especially a disabled customer.

Jeanette Roberts
Jeanette Roberts

October 04, 2016

It’s very heartbreaking that the men and women who defend us are treated so badly. That employee was out of line and very rude.

William Best
William Best

July 27, 2016

We all know her statement is worse than absurd because he lost his legs protecting her right to live free & work. Same for the rest of us. She needs a tour of Afganastan or a year “volunteering” at a VA Hopsital.
I am a Proud Vietnam War Vet.

“Why are you so upset? I’m not the reason you lost your legs. I didn’t shoot them off.”

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