Injured Teen Football Player Stands For National Anthem

Injured Teen Football Player Stands For National Anthem

September 15, 2016

Injured Teen Football Player Stands For National Anthem

A heartwarming story of true patriotism from Hurst, Texas has caught fire.

Vita Tonga is high school student and football player for L.D. Bell High School. Unfortuantely while playing a game a few weeks ago, Tonga took a nasty hit. He ended up tearing the ACL on his right knee. Last Friday, doctors were finally able to repair the damage in his knee.

Although he had just gotten surgery the day before, Tonga was determined to go to his high school's football game and cheer on his teammates from the sidelines.

Tonga proudly rolled out onto the sidelines in a wheelchair just before the game began.

Seconds before the National Anthem began to play, the football team happily stood and placed their hands over their hearts.

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The team insisted that Tonga sit at the front of their line in his wheelchair to be part of this patriotic tradition.

Instead of staying in his wheelchair, Tonga painfully rose in order to stand for America's anthem.

The entire crowd became emotional after seeing Tonga's action. His father who stood close by was incredibly proud to view Tonga's actions.

“My father is from Tonga,” Charlie Tonga told the television station. “America means something to our family. It’s huge to always stand when the national anthem is played. It’s important to us.”

His father quickly took a picture of the group standing for the anthem and posted it on social media. Since then it has gone viral.

Many reporters bombarded Tonga with endless questions about why he did it.

"I didn't really think about it," Vita said.

"People give their lives just so I can stand up over here in the United States. So therefore I feel as an American citizen I should stand."

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