Inspiring Video Shows Army Captain Stumbling to End 12-Mile March!

Inspiring Video Shows Army Captain Stumbling to End 12-Mile March!

August 08, 2016

Inspiring Video Shows Army Captain Stumbling to End 12-Mile March!

Army Captain Sarah Cudd gave it all she had last May during the last leg of a 12-mile trek.   A video of her stumbling, falling and trudging over the finish line surrounded by her peers shouting support and praise as she makes it just under the 3 hour deadline

“Come on get up!  You’ve got it!”, soldiers could be heard screaming at her as Cudd pulls herself up over and over.  35 lbs of gear strapped to her back and a 5 lb gun in her hand as she struggled to finish the march amidst a sea of onlookers

"To me at the end of the ruck march I was about five feet from failure and I was just grateful to get over the finish line and earn the badge," Cudd said. "To everyone else, the march was a huge success and an inspiration to many.

“I am honored and frankly humbled to be able to inspire others and proud to be serving my country to the best of my ability."  

She propped herself up with her rifle and pulled herself to her feet in this inspiring feat of determination.   The march was the last requirement of the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge which is said to be one of the most difficult decorations to achieve.  Ms. Cudd was one of 14 women to earn the Army’s Expert Field Medical Badge which consists of tasks surrounding “tactical combat care, medical and casualty evacuation, warrior skills, and communication; as well as a physical fitness test; a land navigation course; weapons qualifications; and a comprehensive written test.”    80% of all who attempted the course failed to complete it.  


"When you challenge yourself outside of your normal wheelhouse, it's a little uncomfortable to start," Cudd said. "But when you get to the end, regardless whether you succeed or fail, they help you become stronger as a person."  


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James Schlaak
James Schlaak

August 09, 2016

Well done Captain! Was lucky enough to earn mine with the first test in Korea involving host 65th Medical Group and participants from 7th Infantry Division.

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