Marine Corps Veteran Arrested For Wearing A VEST!!!

Marine Corps Veteran Arrested For Wearing A VEST!!!

June 23, 2016

Marine Corps Veteran Arrested For Wearing A VEST!!!

Marine Corps Veteran, John Casiday, was arrested at gunpoint by police Friday night at a local movie theater after theater goers saw Casiday and grew alarmed by the military-style vest he was wearing.

Casiday does not blame anyone for calling the police or even being arrested.

He explained that he wears the vest every time he leaves the house partially to calm his PTSD symptoms and partially because he simply doesn't feel safe out in public.

john casiday

Casiday admits,

"I don't trust people...the world's going crazy".

In light of the most recent shooting in Orlando, Casiday certainly has a point.

When news spread about Casiday's arrest, dozens of supporters gathered outside the Shasta County Courthouse to protest his arrest and show their strong support for him.

Casiday was overwhelmed by the love and support he received by local supporters.

"God bless you guys for supporting me, you know, having my back through the five days I was in jail. Reaching out, helping me out, a lot of love," Casiday shared. "I really appreciate it."

In the future, it is Casiday's goal to change the way people view protective gear.

"Cops are not the only ones that can do that and have the right to protect themselves," Casiday noted. "We all do. So I want to freely express that and do it." 

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Ilse Hilliard
Ilse Hilliard

June 26, 2016

I belief it’s his right. Everyone else wears or not wears what they want. Thank you for your service, I support your belief.

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