Navy Airman & Nurse Save Man From Jumping Off Bridge

Navy Airman & Nurse Save Man From Jumping Off Bridge

August 10, 2016

Navy Airman & Nurse Save Man From Jumping Off Bridge


Early Monday morning in San Diego, a young Navy Airman was travelling by when noticed what didn’t look quite right.  He saw an elderly man who appeared to be on the edge of jumping from the bridge.  Petty Officer 3rd Class Nick Pisano got out of his vehicle and grabbed the man holding him firmly on the bridge. 

Pisano began screaming for someone to help talk the man out of suicide.  Cars whizzed by them refusing to stop.  Until, a nurse appeared at their side filled with calm and determination.  She spoke to the elderly man and kept him calm until first responders made it to the scene.  


The nurse and airman were asked to get back in their cars and travel safely from the scene which they did before they could exchange contact information.  That is when the nurse posted on a message to the unnamed airman.  


To the Navy dude who prevented a suicide on the Coronado bridge today... 

I was the nurse who stopped.

After the police came, I felt like we were shoed away. I regret that I didn't get a chance to commend you for what you did today. Your quick actions prevented a situation that could have gone in a really different direction. More critically, your total lack of hesitation to help another person, despite the potential risk to yourself, is extraordinary.

I want to be perfectly clear, you almost certainly saved someone's life today. As a nurse and a human person, I'm really grateful that you were there to help.”  


It wasn't long before the Navy veteran found the Nurse's post!

"That was me! Hey Nurse! Ive been commending you all day! I had no idea what to say to this man except for holding him so he couldn't do it. When you came I was so relieved you knew how to talk to him and calm him down. With all the adrenaline pumping, i was glad to have someone like you there. Thank you so much for stopping to help when so many people just drove on by!!

(I was wearing the flight suit and aviators, you were working for a hospital that started with an 'S")


She quickly responded,

"Hey dude! Team effort for sure! I'm so happy to find you. You did such a great job today, and I really wanted to make sure that you knew that. Did that guy even have a chance to get out of his truck before you were by his side??

Send me a PM with your name so I can contact your CO and tell them what a badass you are!"


The Navy veteran then responded,

"Hey! Yeah, he pulled over so i pulled up in front of him and before i could get out he was already out of his truck and at the truck bed. I sprinted over to him and grabbed his arm and asked what he was doing and he told me he was going to jump. He tried getting away from me, even getting back into his car and trying to drive away before i took his keys. it was hard watching everyone drive on by and stare while i was screaming at them to help. So glad you recognized the gravity of the situation and came to help! Just thank you a thousand times! "

With the Nurse finally commenting,

"Wow! Well your screaming for help certainly got my attention. Honestly, I saw an elderly man and had no idea what kind of situation I was walking into. My first thought was that it was a medical problem. I thought I was going to be doing CPR, not talking someone off the ledge.  “

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