New York Woman Charged In 1983 Murder of World War I Veteran

New York Woman Charged In 1983 Murder of World War I Veteran

September 09, 2016

New York Woman Charged In 1983 Murder of World War I Veteran

Edmund C. Schreiber was a World War I veteran who was viciously murdered in his own home more than thirty years ago. He was found strangled to death with eight of his own neckties. Because of the technology at the time, a suspect was never detained or charged for Schreiber's murder.

Until now.

A neighbor of Schreiber's at the time, Saundra Adams, has just been charged with second degree murder in light of new evidence found on Schreiber's case. Adams, who is now 50-years-old, is believed to have had an accomplice during the crime.

Many pieces of evidence from the crime have been retested.

“The defendant’s DNA was found on multiple knots on the ties used to strangle him,” Assistant District Attorney Thomas Finnerty announced in court.

Specific evidence inspected on that horrifying indicated that the initial break-in began as a burglary. However after finding Schreiber still in the house, the incident escalated quickly.

“The defendant has falsely denied being in the bedroom and being inside the home on multiple occasions,” Finnerty said. “She has never offered an explanation for how her DNA wound up on his ties.”

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Adams' DNA was not only found on some of the neckties that killed Schreiber, but her fingerprints were also found on the dresser in the room that he was killed.

"Mr. Schreiber survived WWI, but he did not survive those who during the night of June 23, 1983, invaded his home and took his life," said Michael J. Flaherty Jr., acting district attorney for Erie County.

It was on Tuesday that Adams was arrested and pleaded not guilty.

One of Schreiber's descendants, a midde-aged granddaughter living in Kentucky, repeatedly thanked authorities when she got wind an arrest was finally made.

"She asked me to thank all the investigators for their hard work," Flaherty said.

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