POW Impersonator Exploits Elderly Veteran

POW Impersonator Exploits Elderly Veteran

July 27, 2016

POW Impersonator Exploits Elderly Veteran

Police have publically released that a Robert "Bob" Leroy Rogers claimed to be a former Vietnam POW with drastic financial troubles. He used this guise in order to borrow almost $20,000 from his elderly veteran neighbor.

Unfortunately this hefty amount was 74-year-old William Lipovsky's life savings, and police have said that there is little to no chance that Lipovsky will ever see this money returned.

Robert "Bob" Leroy Rogers is currently 61-years-old and was arrested this Monday due to his part in the unfortunate scheme against Lipovsky.

William Lipovsky was previously an air force master sergeant, and was supposedly told by Rogers that in exchange for the money that Lipovsky was going to lend him he promised to repay him with up to $1 million after he received a large settlement from the government in connection to his service.

After countless delays and the fear began to sink in that Lipovsky was never going to be reimbursed for the money he lent to Rogers, Lipovsky quickly contacted the authorities.

Rogers currently faces felony charges in connection of scheming to defraud and exploit and elderly person.

Rogers is currently being held on a $40,000 bond.

It was only a month after the pair had met that Lipovsky reached out and tried to help Rogers out financially.

During one of their many exchanges, Rogers told Lipovsky that he had been incorrectly documented as deceased during his time as a Vietnam POW.

“He even told me he was on the wall up there for dead or missing officers,” Lipovsky said. “This is a master of (expletive) … but I was not aware of that at the time. I felt sorry for him, being a fellow veteran and all, so I said to myself, ‘I can’t let that happen.’”

It is needless to say that Rogers was extremely distraught by the incident.

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