Unbelievable Video-  Angry Ex-Girlfriend Runs Over Boyfriend

Unbelievable Video-  Angry Ex-Girlfriend Runs Over Boyfriend

June 16, 2016

Unbelievable Video-  Angry Ex-Girlfriend Runs Over Boyfriend

arizona hit and run

The people of Arizona were shocked when they saw the video of 44-year old Misty Lee Wilke plow her red Mustang into her Ex-boyfriend while he was riding a bicycle.  Wilke claims she and her Ex were arguing when he told her he was HIV positive

The fight worsened, asserted Wilke, and the man pulled out a knife laughing at the woman.  According to Wilke, he then slashed her arm and then fled the scene on his bike.

 Misty then jumped in her car and witnesses say she drove in circles around him attempting to mow him down.  But, then she went over a curb and took him out head on.  The video captured by a neighbor’s surveillance camera shows the brutal attack. 

The man was lay silently for moments until he is able to bring himself to his feet and wobble down the street and then falls over.  He was treated for his injuries which include head trauma and a broken back.

 Ms. Wilke then took her Mustang to a local gas station, left her car and got a ride home.  It was then that she called police and told them her side of the story. 

Wilke is being charged with:  : attempting to commit second-degree murder, leaving the scene and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  She is pleading not guilty to her charges.

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Robert Jones
Robert Jones

June 17, 2016

She should get a medal !

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