Veteran Attacked While Riding Bike Home!

Veteran Attacked While Riding Bike Home!

July 14, 2016

Veteran Attacked While Riding Bike Home!

Derek Queener is a Marine veteran who is still recovering from his injuries after he was brutally attacked in his own neighborhood.

Queener is currently 44 years old and resides in Clearwater.

A close by home surveillance video captured the entire attack. In the video you can clearly see Queener peacefully riding his bike. In no time an SUV pulls up dangerously close to him and a passenger in the back seat sucker punches him through the car window.

At this point the surveillance video has been handed over to the Clearwater Police Department.


Queener made the claim that the perpetrators were a group of teens that were driving around in a jeep.

The attack occurred while Queener was riding on Jackson Street between North Lincoln and North Prescott Street.

When the attack occurred, Queener expressed,

"You could feel the bright flash...Everything went black in my left eye".

Queener shared with reporters that not only was he attacked, but the group also taunted him by yelling out the window once he was down.

"Not only did they assault me they decided to taunt me like it was funny".

Queener also recalled,

"They yelled out how do you like that [expletive]?"

Less than 24 hours after Queener was attacked another attack in the neighborhood occurred. A handy man that was working nearby reported that a car load of teenagers pulled up and threw something at him. The handy man also said that the teenagers also yelled a racial slur.

"If this would have happened to a 60 year old man riding his bike who maybe didn't do manual labor, didn't go to the gym, he could have been knocked off his bike, hit his head and hemorrhaged and died,” Queener said. “I don’t want anyone else to take that kind of hit because it was kind of brutal.”

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