Veteran Determined To Fix Mistake Made On Vietnam Memorial

Veteran Determined To Fix Mistake Made On Vietnam Memorial

July 15, 2016

Veteran Determined To Fix Mistake Made On Vietnam Memorial

Skip Ferguson is a retired U.S. Marine and is also currently the local leader of the Marine Corps League. It was just last week that Ferguson won approval to place two brand new monuments on the Limestone County Courthouse lawn.

Ferguson has recently launched a fundraising campaign that he hopes will raise the amount of $1,000 in order to pay for the two new monuments.

These monuments are intended to be created to recognize the county's honored dead who fell in combat in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Beirut.

However Ferguson's most important current project involves correcting a crucial spelling error on a local Vietnam War monument. Ferguson also plans to add the names of five other fallen servicemen that are missing from the monument.

The local Vietnam monument has been sitting on the grounds of the court house for just over 30 years.

It was only recently that a local resident realized the misspelling.

The monument currently lists the names of 19 Limestone County residents who had fallen in the Vietnam War. The monument incorrectly spells Vietnam as "VIEINAM".

Mark Yarbrough is the Limestone County Commission Chairman and has every intention of fixing the unfortunate mistake.


Yarbrough shared with reporters,

"It was an honest mistake when it was done. I don't know if anybody had ever noticed it, I had never noticed it, I'll be honest with you. I had looked at the names on there and had never paid attention but once it's brought to my attention, we're gonna get it fixed".

Ferguson admits that he is unaware how much it will cost to fix the spelling mistake as well as add the additional missing names to the monument.

At this point Ferguson has not started raising funds to correct the Vietnam monument as his fundraising efforts for the two new monuments is off to a slow start. As of this past Thursday he had only raised $10.

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