Veteran Dies After Being Over-prescribed Meds By The VA

Veteran Dies After Being Over-prescribed Meds By The VA

July 25, 2016

Veteran Dies After Being Over-prescribed Meds By The VA

Marvin and Linda Simcakoski, parents of Jason Simcakoski, said that things are finally looking up after President Barack Obama signed multiple bills, two of which specifically titled with Jason's name, into actual law this Friday.

"Things are getting better," said Marvin.

Unfortunately Jason passed away in 2014 promptly after he received harmful care at the Tomah Veterans Affair Center. Records show that Jason's doctors at the time had prescribed Jason over 14 different drugs. Jason was a 35-year-old Marine Corps Veteran.

After Jason's passing, the news has continually aired his story. It has been extremely difficult for Marvin and Linda to escape from the public eye.

"It keeps being brought up about what happened to Jason, so it keeps hitting home you know."

However the family's long fight to get justice for their son has finally paid off.

"And it's like, wow. This is what we wanted," said Linda.

One of the many bills signed by the president was "The Jason Simcakoski Memorial Opioid Safety Act". This bill was specifically authored by Wisconsin Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin however the Simcakoskis definitely played an important part.

"I thought it was very important for us to give them our feedback and changes that we felt were important," Linda said.

The second piece of legislation that was passed in Jason's name was what is now known as "The Promise Act".

Both of these new and prominent pieces of legislation focus on improving the prescribing guidelines as well as key areas in pain management services.

Although Jason's parents are thrilled with this achievement, they are still at a loss.

"It's just sad that it takes something bad to happen for something good to happen," said Marvin.

Although he is gone, Jason's parents claim that Jason is still helping homecoming veterans have a better life.

"He's somebody that served this country, and now he's helping the other veterans out there to keep them safe and give them a chance of a good life after serving their country," said Marvin.

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July 27, 2016

I worry about my son who the VA has put him on a ton of medications. He’s not sure what they’re for or why. Suicide and depression runs in our family. When he first got out I found a bag of medication with at least 50 or more in it. I live in NYS and he’s in Arizona. If your that way and can advocate for him let me know. He’s out of it most of the time and doesn’t get around people. It’s to easy to pump a ton of medications in without finding out what is really wrong. Giving to many is the problem and doctors who don’t give a damn. This includes our government. I’m trying to get out that way to help him. Being on total disability makes it hard. May God watch over your family and the many others who aren’t taken care of.

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