Veteran Fights For His Life After Being Struck By Lightning

Veteran Fights For His Life After Being Struck By Lightning

August 09, 2016

Veteran Fights For His Life After Being Struck By Lightning

Luke Shimer is a war veteran that recently came back home from his deployment in the Middle East. Shimer spent a total of six years in the Army. Not only did Shimer survive his trying time while deployed in the Middle East, he even narrowly escaped being seriously injured after an IED detonation. Shimer lives in St.Augustine, Florida and was the victim of an unfortunate incident one May night.

Shimer was on the deck of his home taking a phone call from his National Guard sergeant. Shortly after the call ended, Shimer was struck by lightning, a blast that sent  500 megajoules of energy into his body.

Seconds after Shimer was struck, his father-in-law Shane Sinnott found him.


"It shook the whole house and it was the loudest noise I'd ever heard," Sinnott told reporters. "I found [Shimer] within 60 seconds of him being struck. His eyes were open, but he wasn't breathing."

Sinnott immediately called 911. With detailed help from the operator, Sinnott was able to perform CPR on Shimer until the paramedics arrived.

Due to the lightning strike doctors later confirmed that Shimer sustained minor swelling to the brain and had gone into cardiac arrest. Shimer was heavily sedated for three weeks in the intensive care unit.

The recovery process has been extremely slow but progress is being made.

He has slowly begun to breathe on his own again and regain awareness of what is going on around him.

His wife Kari is proud to share that he has even begun to learn how to drink by himself.

Although he has gained back feeling in his body, he is still struggling trying to speak.

A GoFundMe page has been created for Shimer in order to help out with his growing medical bills.

Kari has stayed by his side during the entire process.

She recently posted about his progress,

“Pray for him to continue to progress neurologically, he needs to contribute to his therapy and follow commands,” Kari posted. “Pray for no more infections, he’s off antibiotics now so we need to keep him off and infection free. Thank you for all of the support and prayers.”

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