Veteran Gives $15,000 To Thief Impersonating Grandson

Veteran Gives $15,000 To Thief Impersonating Grandson

July 14, 2016

Veteran Gives $15,000 To Thief Impersonating Grandson

The world’s top scammers continue to target an older demographic and recently grandparents have been their prime targets.

Chuck (who asked local reporters not to use his real first and last name) is an 88 year-old veteran who is one of the latest victims of fraud that was committed over the phone.

Chuck admits that at this point he has lost just over $15,000.

Chuck, who was once active in the Air Force, was peacefully enjoying his typical breakfast when he received a strange phone call.

“He said, ‘Gramps.’ I said, ‘What? Who is this?’ I said, ‘Is this Josh?’ ‘Yeah, Josh.”

The stranger on the other line had thus successfully impersonated Chuck’s grandson Scott, and proceeded to tell Chuck that he and his close friend were stuck in jail in Las Vegas. The stranger continued to express that they needed bail money as soon as possible so they could get home.

“He said, ‘[I need] $4500 dollars.’ I said, ‘What?’”

As their conversation on the phone continued, a second individual jumped on the line and began to impersonate a police officer.

When the conversation had ultimately ended, the pair of thieves had convinced Chuck to his local Gamestop store in order to load money onto an iTunes gift card.

Over the duration of three days, Chuck went to countless Gamestop locations near him including one in Quail Springs and one near Penn Square.

Chuck maxed out every single credit card he had and accumulated an amount of thousands of dollars that would soon disappear.

After every purchase, Chuck was instructed to wait for the scammer to call Chuck once again in order to get the 16-digit code on the back of each gift card, which is more or less similar to giving away cash.

Unfortunately most of Chuck’s cash is long gone and is nearly impossible to track down as the scammers are not in the United States.

Officials warn that scammers are also notorious for asking for other prepaid debit cards and gifts cards: The Amazon card being among the most popular.


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