Veteran Groups Determined To Help Veteran Held As Motel Hostage

Veteran Groups Determined To Help Veteran Held As Motel Hostage

August 02, 2016

Veteran Groups Determined To Help Veteran Held As Motel Hostage

Since David McLellan's horrible story of abuse and imprisonment went viral, multiple veteran organizations have come forward in order to help McLellan in any way possible. Veteran groups from New York, Ohio, and Virginia have extended a helping hand to McLellan in order to offer him assistance.

After the incident occurred, McLellan was immediately hospitalized. He is now under the care of Orange County Veterans Services and those interested in helping McLellan are being referred to this agency. Although state law prevents McLellan from sharing what specific services he is recieving, services usually aid veterans with circumstances involving shelter, food, clothing, and counseling if needed.

Augustino von Hassell lives in New York City and is a marine veteran. He claims he among the many that have reached out to McLellan after hearing his story. Hassel hopes "to find him a place where he can live in dignity".

"All I'm trying to do is help a fellow veteran any way I can," Hassel said.

For those of you unfamiliar with McLellan's story, The marine veteran had been held hostage for four years in a motel room that is located in Highlands, Orange County.

Police surrounded the motel and were finally able to free 86-year-old David McClellan from dilapidated motel prison. When police entered the motel room they were alarmed by the room's deplorable condition. The room was full of moldy stacked furniture and overturned flower pots.

McClellan's captor is none other than 35-year-old Perry Cogliano. Police report that Cogliano had been holding McClellan as a prisoner for so long in order to cash his Social Security and pension checks as well as profit from McClellan's food stamps.

 veteran held hostage

Chief of the Highland Police Department, Jack Quinn, announced,

"We believe he is the recipient of a tremendous amount of money on a monthly basis".

A neighbor who lived close by shared with reporters,

"The guy who was arrested who lived next door, he was giving him just one bowl of cereal a day, he would stick him back in the room with a stick, wasn't bathing him, the old guy would just be walking around here naked, just terrible".

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