Veteran Leaves Bartender Anonymous 9/11 Tribute

Veteran Leaves Bartender Anonymous 9/11 Tribute

September 13, 2016

Veteran Leaves Bartender Anonymous 9/11 Tribute

Audrey Drake is a bartender at Lexington's Tin Roof who discovered a moving tribute left on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

Among the few customers of the day was a man who came in and ordered two shots of bourbon. When the man left she noticed that the man left a shot behind and a folded piece of paper.

When Drake picked up the note and began to read its contents she immediately burst into tears.

"I just knew as soon as I touched it, chills overcame me and the badges fell out. I just started sobbing," said Drake.

The letter read "I take this shot as a salute to the ones that I have served beside in uniform. I leave the other for all my brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice bringing the fear of God into the eyes of evil. May they rest in peace."

It went on to say, "I leave my global war on terrorism ribbon as a reminder of what took place 15 years ago today. I leave my ships rocker as a tribute to this great nation."

"To have that gentleman leave that for me, who didn't seem like he was too much older than me, to have that impact was astronomical. It was really moving," said Drake.

Instead of signing the letter with his name, the anonymous veteran signed it "LPD 21 Hoo Yah Navy".

"I wish I could shake his hand and I wish I knew who he was further because he just came in wearing a hat and paid cash, so I can't figure out who he is," said Drake.

Drake has since shared this very touching tribute on social media so its sentiment could touch even more hearts.

The Tin Roof later announced that they are planning on framing the letter and putting it on display in their restaurant.

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