Veteran Memorial Vandalized in American Fork Cemetary

Veteran Memorial Vandalized in American Fork Cemetary

July 11, 2016

Veteran Memorial Vandalized in American Fork Cemetary

Police are desperately looking for any kind of tips after a veteran memorial was vandalized in American Fork, Utah on Thursday night.

The veteran's memorial at the city cemetery in American Fork that was brutally vandalized was dedicated specifically to troops who had served after 9/11.

At this time the police have reached out to the public in order to find anyone who might have the slightest clue as to who is responsible for committing this heinous act.

Sam Liddiard is an American Fork police officer on the case.


Liddiard says,

"Those who have fought the war on terror, their families don't need this... It's sad. We're trying to find out who did it and are asking the public for help".

This specific War on Terror Memorial honors troops who served in Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as countless other sites was marked with a harsh black spray paint that read "U.S. = Terror". The patriotic American eagle pictured on the memorial was also crossed out with a giant black "X". Additional black paint that was pictured to be black blood running down the memorial was also brandished on the granite stone.

Brad Frost is a local councilman and admits,

"When we saw this vandalism, we felt absolutely sick...It is now a painful, poignant mark on the hearts of those who have served our country and those who have suffered losses for our freedoms".

Since the vandalism occurred, the local park staff did the best they possibly could to clean the gruesome mess. Unfortunately marks from the vandalism are still very visible.

Efforts to completely remove all traces of the vandalism are still underway.

The investigation for those responsible is currently ongoing. The case began on Friday morning after a local resident reported it. Police officer, Sam Liddiard, encourages anyone who may have seen or knows anything to call (801) 763-3020.


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Michael Terrell
Michael Terrell

July 11, 2016

The morons who did this need an hour long GI shower, followed by a blanket party in at least a 20 story buiilding, then to be gutted with a dull bayonet.

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