Veteran Punched For Wearing Trump Hat

Veteran Punched For Wearing Trump Hat

August 03, 2016

Veteran Punched For Wearing Trump Hat

Ricardo Garcia is a veteran who served in the Army for more than 20 years. He admits that he put his life in danger multiple times in order to preserve our country's many freedoms. When Donald Trump initially announced that he was running for president months ago, Garcia happily bought a "Make America Great Again" to show his support.

It was like any other day when Garcia was shopping at his local Sam's Club while wearing this exact hat. As Garcia was browsing the store's many aisles, he was confronted by a disgruntled shopper that DID NOT approve of his hat.

"(He said) Ah, you go for Trump, I don't like it. I said, well you can go for Hillary and I don't like that, but that's the way it is," says Garcia.

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The man who started the confrontation has been identified as 37-year-old, Patrick Mickens. After Mickens' initial comment, he proceeded to taunt Garcia about his hat. Naturally Garcia tried to ignore him and quickly began walking in the opposite direction.

"I grabbed my grocery cart, and I turned around and my back was to him and slowly, suddenly he was like pow! and hit me right here," said Garcia as he pointed to a bruised eye.

As a veteran, Garcia feels completely broken for being treated in such a way for simply showing his support of a political candidate.

"Why is it you can't speak professionally about politics? Why can't you act like a gentleman or a lady when talking about politics? Why do you have to counter everything with violence and disrespect?"

Shortly after police officers showed up to the scene, both Garcia and Mickens were interviewed about the incident.

Mickens was immediately arrested. Mickens has since been charged with felony battery on a victim over 65.

Despite the incident, Garcia has no issue continually sharing his political support for Trump.

"[Donald Trump] tells you like it is, how it is. He fries the hamburger in your hand," said Garcia.


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