WWII Veteran Has Wrist Slashed During Home Invasion

WWII Veteran Has Wrist Slashed During Home Invasion

July 06, 2016

WWII Veteran Has Wrist Slashed During Home Invasion

Bob Christiansen is a World War II veteran who was severely injured during a home invasion robbery. The horrible incident took place on Tuesday afternoon at Christiansen's home in Fresno, California.

Christensen was relaxing at this home when he received a mysterious knock at his front door. When he answered his door there was a young, clean-cut man standing there, waiting to greet him. Before Christiansen could get a word out the man immediately blurted,

"Bob, we're old friends, I used to work for you here and there".

Christiansen admits that he did indeed own a liquor store when he was younger and did have a lot of young men work for him. However Christiansen knew that the man at his front door had never worked for him before.

Christiansen immediately had a very bad feeling about the young man.

Before he could act, the young man pushed Christiansen aside and forced himself into the house.

A young woman that was somewhere between 20 and 22 followed the young man in. It was clear that the young woman was pregnant.

About 20 minutes into this unprompted visit the young man asked Christiansen for a glass of water and he also asked to use his bathroom.

Christiansen was already more than suspicious of the pair at this point.

Christiansen did not waste any time and quickly followed the man into his bedroom. It was then that Christiansen caught the man stuffing jewelry into a pillowcase.

Christiansen tried to grab him and stop the man but failed.

During the struggle the veteran's wrist was slashed shortly before the couple quickly escaped.  

The incident occurred only a week after Christiansen's wife died.

The pair made off with his wife's jewelry and stole more than $500 out of his wallet.

Christiansen is absolutely distraught as he intended to use that money for funeral arrangements.

The pair escaped in a brown, two door car that had a damaged windshield. It was also said to have had a crack on the driver side.

Anyone who knows anything about this incident is highly encouraged to call Fresno police ASAP!

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